Fox Linton Fabrics

Our Story

Fox Linton is a quintessentially British luxury home furnishing brand with a long, exceptional heritage.

Well known for our capabilities in creating opulent textiles, Fox Linton designs fabrics suitable for both drapery and light and heavy-duty upholstery, offering collections of durable fabrics that are predominantly made from only the finest natural materials.

Fox Linton is well known for its focus neutral colour palette and strength in classic designs and our collections are woven by some of the best mills in the UK and Europe. We enjoy working with experienced craftsmen to create our sustainable collections specialising in wool, velvets, silk and linen blends where the beauty of the yarn speaks for itself.

While we are dedicated to creating fabrics of the most supreme standard, we remain passionate about making our brand as eco friendly as possible, deploying natural processes that are respectful of a legacy that dates back centuries. Complying with stringent EU regulations, by keeping all aspects of our business so close to home we are able to support local mills and to ensure our supply chain meets the high ethical and professional standards we believe in.